Two degens = major lunacy (part 2)

So my Friday morning started off with a bloody mary and this retardedly huge breakfast meal at the Hash House (again). I look at my wallet and the stash of cash that I came prepared with was all gone… time to hit the ATM machine! So even after the massacre that occurred at the craps table the night before, I was eager to throw the dice. The friends that were the reason why I initially booked the vacation texted me saying that they were headed to the Hash House (where I was) in about 30 minutes… but at this point, I was done eating… and again, the craps table was calling my name. So, I decide to hit the craps table where generally speaking, it is usually the game changer for me… O’Sheas (yes, I like to hang out at ghetto casinos).

So I start throwing the dice, nothing really happening since it’s still early… I’m waiting for my buddy Bayne to arrive. He, unlike the others that I was supposed to see, is also a degen and I really just wanted this weekend to be a super degen weekend where I wanted to do nothing but drink and play craps. He was supposed to arrive at 2:30pm so I was surprised when he called around noon to say he was already in Vegas. Shortly thereafter, he joined me at Oshea’s where my memory is fuzzy but based on how things were going for us, we got killed. lol

Bayne lost a lot of weight and apparently, had to watch his carbs intake – so, he was sticking to jack and diet… of course, few rounds later, I suggest we do shots. Normally, I am a soco type of guy but he refuses. In the end, I am an any type of shots (as long as they are real shots, not some girly lame shot like kamikazes or some shit) kinda guy so we “settle” on shots of jack. (I also can’t do rum – bad college experience)

Time flies when you’re hammered so we had already moved to casino royale where still, no luck at the tables. You know I’m hammered when I willingly settle for a dinner at Outback Steakhouse which is at the casino royale (in my defense – otherwise, there’s no way we would actually go to Outback). After crushing the steak which served as a reminder why I no longer go to Outback steakhouse, Bayne and I decide to do a little credit card roulette. We handed the bartender two credit cards faced down and we tell him to pick one. Motherfucker picks my card so I pay the bill… and didn’t punish him on his tip for picking my card…

We decide that post dinner, we need a new venue so we hit the craps table at Harrah’s. Some decent looking older lady was showing interest in me so I offer her drinks at the piano bar which is right by the craps table we were at. I go inside, we have a drink (I think) at which point I spot a girl singing “I will survive” who I thought was pretty cute (and more importantly, younger). We go back to the craps table and then I “disappear” to the piano bar again, this time alone – I go talk to the girl who was singing and we immediately hit it off. Not sure of the progression but we go to Toby Keith’s Country Bar or whatever (also in Harrah’s) for some good ol’ country music while Bayne is still at the craps table. Now this girl keeps rubbing my back and keeps telling me how I have an “amazing back” and at this point, I’m like jello as I’ve been doing bazillion deadlifts/pullups and have been sore like shit but this makes it all worth it. We start making out at the bar but as a true degen, I start getting curious as to how the craps table is… so, I get the girl’s number and decide to rejoin Bayne at the craps table… which he tells me has not been great. FML!

Another lame craps session and we decide to call it a night.

Part 3/Finale to come soon.

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