Two degens = major lunacy (part 1)

Starting in 2011, I decided to live it up. I did the AFC Championship in Pittsburgh, friends’ wedding in Newark, Superbowl in Dallas, bachelor party (not mine) in Tampa, a random trip to Copenhagen, and now, I just got back from Vegas. All in the first 3 months of this year.

Due to the credit card churning that I will go into at some point, I had free ticket vouchers on Southwest. So, when a friend of mine prompted me to go to Vegas for my birthday weekend, I decided why the hell not. Harrah’s property (in this case Imperial Palace) was giving me a free three nights stay and so no cost in terms of flying and staying there. Of course, I end up never seeing my friends that were initially the reason I booked this trip but that’s neither here nor there…

As I’m boarding on this SW flight, I see a group of very loud Indians. I don’t mean to stereotype but the ones I’ve worked with were always very calm and quiet so this was an interesting sight for me. Literally, 15 Indians all talking sh*t to each other, mixing Indian and English… I don’t really understand anything they are saying until I hear one of them say “lasdfjasdklfjlasdjfkljdlfj dflkjadflkjskl BACHELOR PARTY cdkljfakldjljafldj.” (would this be considered racist? If so, I’ll take it down later)

Southwest boarding process is one where you line up in order of your boarding number as indicated on your ticket and you just go find your seat. There’s no preassigned seating (unless you pay for it) and since I was one of the last ones on, I ended up towards the back but fortunately, in an aisle seat next to this nice, middle aged couple. Now I’ve been to Vegas so many times that the whole idea of going there doesn’t really excite me anymore. I mean yeah, I love Vegas, but that excitement that you feel when you only go there once a year or once every few years is lost on me. So I’m just thinking whatever when people around me start clapping when the plane takes off and someone (one of the dudes in the large indian bachelor party – which will be referred to as IBP) yells “Vegas baby!!!” (At this point, this scene eerily reminds me of the scene from Final Destination).

Anyways, so we take off and because it’s a direct flight to Vegas, I got 5hrs to kill. So, as soon as we here the 10,000ft DING! I boot up my laptop and go ahead and purchase the wifi. I figured, if all else fails, I can kill time reading blogs/forums/facebook. Well, I also have quite a few drink tickets with Southwest so I decide to get a jack and coke. As I guzzled down my first, I comment to the couple next to me that this was a very strong one. Of course, one leads to another and to make a long story short, next thing I know, me and some of the guys of the IBP start discussing shots… because drink options were fairly limited (I think), we decide to do shots of Jack. I don’t know how many we end up doing but I know I did at least 3… on top of the 3 J&C that I got. Needless to say, I’m pretty hammered at this point as evidenced by my posts on FB.

I wish I could tell you how this went but honestly, I don’t remember. I don’t remember landing, picking up my checked in luggage at the carousel, the shuttle/cab ride over to IP, or checking in. LOL I am literally laughing as I type this.

Next thing I know, I am in my room dropping all my shit off and grabbing a wad of cash to head downstairs to the craps table. Oh, in the meantime, I gagged/puked a little… which isn’t much when the only food eaten until this point all day is a bowl of cereal in the morning. Anyways, I get annihilated (more accurately, my bankroll gets annihilated) at the craps table and so I go up to Hash House to go get some grub. There, I order meatloaf over pasta, which let me tell you, was some kind of magical. I’m fairly certain I go back for more ass raping at the craps table before I call it a night but not really sure… I wanted to get some kind of awesome run in before my buddy Bayne showed up the next day but no such luck.

Friday starts off a bit rough but I shake off my hangover with a breakfast at hash house. A bloody mary after a 4-5 hr sleep is definitely a big help. Once I got that in my system, I am determined to make back what I lost so I decide to hit the craps table again. But that will be in my next post.

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One Response to Two degens = major lunacy (part 1)

  1. Marty says:

    As a fan of the Cleveland Indians, i find that extremely racist

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